MIC Pastor Job Description

29 January, 2018

Minoh International Church https://www.minohchurch.org/

Minoh International Church is a multi-national, multi-cultural, interdenominational Christian church conducting services and activities in English and Japanese.

Position Overview

We are looking for a pastor to provide spiritual leadership to members of Minoh International Church (MIC), and to see that the vision of the church is achieved, and its mission is fulfilled. (See the vision and mission statements below.) The pastor should be strong in teaching the whole Word of God to the church, preaching to the unsaved, caring for church members and community members in need, discipling believers into maturity, and overseeing the running of all church activities. The pastor should be enthusiastic about ministering to a congregation with a high cultural diversity, and wholeheartedly agree with the church’s statement of belief.

MIC Vision statement: By faith in Christ, we aim to see people of all nationalities in the Minoh area saved, discipled and empowered for God.

MIC Mission statement: Loving God, making disciples, blessing all Responsibilities

Specifically, the pastor is expected to faithfully carry out the following responsibilities, or to oversee their execution.

  • Organising of all church services, both weekly and special (i.e. baptisms, dedications, weddings, funerals)
  • Giving weekly sermons, including working with translations and preparing PowerPoint slideshows * Overseeing the various church ministries (i.e. Sunday School, youth group, finance, facilities, etc.) (“oversee” does not necessary mean ‘attend’, but refers to regularly meeting with ministry leaders to guide and pray for the ministry, as well as to provide personal support to the leaders)
  • Handling administrative matters (i.e. leaders’ meetings, congregational meetings, events calendar, weekly mail, etc.)
  • Providing pastoral care and support to church members
  • Nurturing the discipleship of all church members, and personally providing one-to-one discipleship to some church members

It is expected that in providing spiritual leadership to the church, the pastor will have daily, unhurried times of walking with the Lord in personal prayer, Bible reading and meditation, aside from time spent in preparing church duties.

Work Schedule

This position is full time. A standard work week is 35~40 hours/week, with expected weekend presence and evening hours as needed.

Applications for the position should be sent to Mr Pierre Babineau at [email protected]

Download document: MIC Pastor Job Description