Minoh International Church
箕面国際教会 Osaka, Japan

Welcome To Minoh International Church

We’re an international, interdenominational Christian (Protestant) church with services in English and Japanese. 私たちは、インターナショナルの教会でありクリスチャン(プロテスタント)の 英語と日本語の教会です。

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Worship Service 礼拝
(Sunday 日曜日 10:30 AM)

Bilingual Bible Study バイリンガル聖書勉強会
(Friday 金曜日 1:00 PM)

English Bible Study (Online)
(Monday 月曜日 8:30 PM)

  • Worship service info 礼拝情報 (01/10)

    The three Kansai governors, including that of Osaka, are poised to ask the Prime Minister to declare a new state of emergency in this region. That means the current red alert status is here to stay and will be enhanced with more stringent measures. Hence, our church activities and gatherings will also be affected.

    Our church’s Leadership Team has pre-emptively decided to hold NO big group gatherings until the end of January. We will not conduct in-person worship services for now but we will continue to do the current setup of live-streaming via YouTube and Zoom.

    If possible, we hope to resume our regular activities and gatherings on February 7, 2021  or until we have a clear basis to do so.

    Thank you for your continued prayers and cooperation.

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