Minoh International Church
箕面国際教会 Osaka, Japan

Welcome To Minoh International Church

We’re an international, interdenominational Christian (Protestant) church with services in English and Japanese. 私たちは、インターナショナルの教会でありクリスチャン(プロテスタント)の 英語と日本語の教会です。

Learn more About Us 私達について

Worship Service 礼拝
(Sunday 日曜日 10:30 AM)

Online English Bible Study
(Monday 月曜日 8:30 PM)

Bilingual Bible Study バイリンガル聖書勉強会
(Friday 金曜日 1:00 PM)

Online Prayer Fellowship オンライン祈り会
(Friday 金曜日 8:00 PM)

  • Postcard Campaign ポストカードキャンペーン

    MIC Postcards now available for FREE. Pick up cards from church or request to be sent to your address. Write a message of encouragement to bless frontline workers in the neighbourhood.


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  • Worship service info 礼拝情報

    Due to the ongoing state of emergency declaration in Osaka Prefecture, all worship services will be held  ONLINE ONLY until mid-March. Please continue to join us on YouTube each week via the links sent out by email, or by accessing our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCUTr3mHN00jal-xW0xvEDA

    Lord willing, we hope to resume our regular activities and gatherings on March 14. Let us keep praying for a swift end to the coronavirus crisis in Japan and across the world!

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