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Good Friday

Good Friday 聖なる金曜日

Mini-sermon #1 Reactions – The disciples

The week leading up to the death of Jesus we call Passion Week which refers to both the suffering of Christ and the great emotion related to it.
今週はパッションウィークと呼ばれる受難週でイエス キリストの死に至るキリストの苦しみとそれに関連する大きな感情の両方を示します。
A lot happened in Passion Week, in fact about a third the gospels are taken up just with the events of this one week. In it, Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey (Palm Sunday), he cursed the fig tree, He cleansed the temple and turfed out the money changers, He taught in the temple, He was anointed at Bethany, he was plotted against, He ate at the last supper, He washed His disciples’ feet, He comforted His disciples, He prayed in the garden, He was arrested in the garden, He was tried, He was crucified and died. Of course on the Sunday, He resurrected.
受難週にはたくさんの出来事が起こりました、実際に約 3分の1の福音書がこの一週間の出来事を取り上げられています。イエスが小さなロバに乗ってエルサレムへ入られた(その日を祝うパームサンデー)、彼はイチジクの木を呪いにかけ、宮を清め、両替人達を追い出し、寺院で教え、ベタニアで香油が注がれ、陰謀を企てられ、最後の晩餐をいただき、弟子達の足を洗い、弟子達を慰め、園で祈り、園で捕らわれた、彼は試され、十字架に付けられて死んだ。もちろん日曜日に復活しました。
With all these things going on, with all these tensions and activities, how did the disciples hold up under it all? After three years of walking with the Master, learning from Him, fellowshipping with Him, seeing His miracles – how did they[the disciples] react in the furnace of passion week?

* Peter’s first response to trouble was to lash[ed] out violently. He took his sword and struck one of their opponents, cutting off his ear.
ペテロの最初のトラブルへの反応は激しく怒らせることでした。彼は剣で役人達を 撃ち相手の耳を切り落とした。

* The women disciples stood at a distance and just watched.

Luke records their actions in negative terms: When all the people who had gathered to witness this sight saw what took place, they beat their breasts and went away. But all those who knew him, including the women who had followed him from Galilee, stood at a distance, watching these things. Luke 23:48,49
ルカは彼らの行動を否定的に記録する:この光景を見に集まってきた群衆も、これら の出来事を見て、みな胸を打ちながら帰って行った。 すべてイエスを知っていた者 や、ガリラヤから従ってきた女たちも、遠い所に立って、これらのことを見ていた。 ルカによる福音書23:48,49

* Most, if not all of them, in Jesus’ most needy hour, fell asleep. In the garden Jesus specifically asked them to continue in prayer but they were all found sleeping.
ほとんど、全てではないにしてもイエスの最も困窮している時に、眠ってしまいまし た。園でイエスは特に弟子達に祈り続けなさいと言及されたが全員眠り込んでいま した。

* When trouble came, the apostle Mark ran away. He was so desperate to get away that he left naked. He would have rather fled naked than be caught with Jesus.
問題が起こった時、弟子マルコは逃げました。彼はとても必死になって裸で逃げまし た。彼はイエスと一緒に捕らえるよりもむしろ裸で逃げました。

* Thomas disbelieved. Even after all the other disciples had seen the risen Jesus and told him about it, He still refused to believe.
トマスは信じませんでした。例え他の弟子達全員がイエスの復活を見た後でさえ、そ う言われても、彼はまだ否定しました。

* Peter of course denied Jesus – three times – even after being warned that he would do this.

* Judas was the worst. He betrayed Jesus (with a kiss of all things!) handing him over to his death.
ユダは最も悪かった。イエスを裏切りました。(口付けで)イエスを死なせるのに手 渡した。

So Jesus’ loyal and faithful friends and disciples supported Him in His hour of need with violence, distance, sleep, fleeing, disbelief, denial and betrayal. And these were His friends!

None of them remained true to Jesus. Let’s take some time now to reflect and pray. How would you have reacted to Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion and death? How do you react now to hardship, persecution, temptation, doubt and confusion? Let’s use this time to reflect on our commitment to Jesus, to confess sins, to repent and to be still and acknowledge Jesus’ Lordship in our lives.

Mini-sermon #2 Reactions – Jesus

We’ve looked at how the disciples of Jesus reacted to the events and pressures of passion week and how miserably they failed Jesus, their Lord. How about Jesus? How did Jesus handle the horrors of passion week, both the enmity of His enemies and the failures of HIs friends.

* He spoke peace and truth. He responded to hatred and lies with peace and truth. When they came to arrest Jesus, when they put Him on trial, when they crucified Him, His words were nothing but peace and truth.
群衆が来てイエスを逮捕した時、イエスを審判にかけた時、彼らがイエスを十字架に かけた時、彼の言葉は何もなく、ただ平和と真理だけでした。

* He healed the injured. When Peter cut off the servant’s ear, Jesus rebuked Peter and healed the man’s ear. (I always wondered what further part that man was able to play in Jesus’ arrest. How do you arrest a man who has just healed you?)
彼は癒された。ペテロが大祭司の僕の耳を切り落とした時、イエスはペトロを叱り、 その男の耳を癒しました。(私はいつもこの部分をたった今、自分の耳を癒してくれ た人をどうして逮捕できるのんだろう?といつも不思議に思います)

* He prayed. He spent long hours praying to God His Father. He prayed for Himself. He prayed for His disciples. He prayed for all believers, both present and future. When Jesus was about to be killed, He prayed for you and me.
彼は祈られた。彼は彼の父、神に長い間祈りの時間をかけました。彼は自分自身のた めに祈りました。彼の弟子のために祈りました。全ての信仰者、現在の人々や未来の 人々、信仰者達のために祈りました。イエスは殺される寸前にあなたや私のために 祈ってくださいました。

* He obeyed the Father. Whatever the cost, He said, “Not what I will, but what You will”.
彼は父なる神に従われた。どんなに代価がかかっても彼は”私の願うことではなく、あ なたの御心のままをなさってください。”とイエスは言われました。

* He forgave. In His final hours of agony, hanging on the cross, Jesus offered words of forgiveness for those who were killing Him.
彼は赦された。彼の最後の苦しみの時、十字架に吊るされ、イエスは彼を殺そうとし ている者達に赦しの言葉を述べました。

* He saved. Even in the face of His own death, Jesus provided salvation – the promise of eternal life – to a thief hanging on the cross beside Him.
その救いは永遠の命を与える救いです、イエスの横に十字架に吊るされている強盗に です。

* After His resurrection, He reinstated Peter as the head of His disciples; the man who was to lead the new church.

So Jesus responded to hatred, violence, suffering, denial, threats, lies, betrayal and His own death with words of peace and truth, healing, prayer, obedience, forgiveness, salvation and blessing.
Where His disciples had been unfaithful, Jesus remained faithful.

Why? Why did Jesus, the Son of God, endure such humiliation, agony and defeat?
We looked at this last Sunday. He endured this for the joy set before Him.
What was the joy set before Him?
It was the joy of providing salvation for all people, and the joy of both glorifying God and being glorified by Him.
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross,scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. Hebrews 1:1-3
神は、むかしは、預言者たちにより、いろいろな時に、いろいろな方法で、先祖たちに語られたが、この終りの時には、御子によって、わたしたちに語られたのである。神は御子を万物の相続者と定め、また、御子によって、もろもろの世界を造られた。御子は神の栄光の輝きであり、神の本質の真の姿であって、その力ある言葉をもって万物を保っておられる。そして罪のきよめのわざをなし終えてから、いと高き所にいます大能者の右に、座につかれたのである。 ヘブライ人への手紙1:1-3

We will not grow weary and lose heart. On the contrary, we will worship this Jesus who died for us, removed our sins from us and restored us to our heavenly Father.
We’ll begin this worship by taking the bread and the grape juice, and in a spirit of prayer and worship, receiving these elements which mark our participation in both the death and the resurrection of Christ. As you do this, can I encourage you to prayerfully commit or recommit your life to Jesus. May your life be holy, may you honour Jesus with your thoughts, your words and your actions, and may you be found worthy of carrying His name.