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I Believe

I didn’t believe (Lord) till I started believing
I didn’t understand till I started understanding
And I didn’t do Your will till I started doing just that Lord

What does all this mean well I’ll tell ya, if you’ll sit down and lend me your ear
It will all come clear in a second if you have an ear to hear
It’s all written in the Bible, but it’s difficult to understand
Until you put your faith in God~ and let Him, let him have your hand

We learn from this world that we’re number one; that we can do it all on our own
But no matter how hard some of us try water just turns to stone
But when we turn to Jesus the pressure is off our chests
Let the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, take care~ take care of all the rest

It’s not easy to let go of what we have learned if we have to be in control
But when we realize our plan is not our own and give God our very soul
Wonderful things start happening and we see things in a different light
Our goal becomes clear and we join God, in fighting~ fighting the good fight

I didn’t believe Lord, but now I do. I couldn’t have done it, without you.
Now I do, believe in you, yes I do Lord, I believe in you. I believe in you,
in you, Lord in you, I believe in you, I believe in you O Lord.